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Here are important links regarding surfing and travel in Mexico. Use this page as a directory for important information about traveling in Mexico, weather, reservations, etc.

Please check back often for updates, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly via email or by phone. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have about traveling in Mexico and Southern Oaxaca.



Be safe! If you are not feeling well prior to your trip, let us know. Rescheduling is not an issue!

All guests arriving at Las Palmeras Surf Resort will be sanitized upon arrival

All guests arriving at Las Palmeras Surf Resort will have their temperature taken

Antibacterial gel is provided and should be applied every time a guest enters the restaurant

All guests at Las Palmeras Surf Resort are required to use a mask in cars and closed areas

Please maintain your distance from other guests not in your group

All guests in the restaurant for a limited time just to take their food and they can live together in outdoor areas

Step 1: Get your passport

All visitors MUST have a valid passport to enter the country of Mexico. Before you book your flight, please confirm you have at least 6 months left on your valid passport. Once you are sure your passport is valid, start looking at flights and get in touch with Las Palmeras Surf Resort.

Step 2: Make Contact with Las Palmeras Surf Resort

The first thing you need to do is contact us with your requested dates and number of surfers / travlers. Feel free to email directly or call Josh for more information at 831-588-1306. Once we have confirmed your dates and number of travelers we will need a $500 deposit per person to secure your booking. You can pay by credit card, cash or check.

You can also make your deposit online with a credit card here on the Mulcoy Travel website:

We ask you pay the remainder of your trip 7 days before your trip.

Step 3: Book your flight

Remember! Your final destination is Huatulco. (Airport Code HUX) Depending where you are flying from will depend what airline you choose. A good option for San Francisco and Los Angeles is Aeromexico, which offers direct flights to Mexico City. When searching for a flight, try and look for the least amount of travel time. If you are flying in from San Francisco for example, you generally want the flight that leaves late at night, sometime around 11:00pm to 12:15am and arrives in Mexico City at 5:30am the next morning.

You will then need a flight from Mexico City to Hautulco (HUX is the airport code) which generally leaves around 11:00am and arrives around 12:30pm in Huatulco. Make sure you let Josh know your flight schedule way ahead of time if possible.

Also important to note, you can pay for your boards in advance which is currently $75.00 each way domestic and $150.00 international. More info here:

Step 4: Arrive in Mexico City

If arriving first in Mexico City, you will need to go through customs there. If you arrive on the early morning flight to Mexico City, sometimes there is a long line to get through customs. Try to get off the plane as fast as you can to avoid the long lines. Once you get through customs, never put your board on the re-check carousel. Take the time to re-check your bag with your airline. Apparently this has changed this year. Now boards go all the way through on Aeromexico to Hautulco. Please check with your airline prior to departure.

When you are situated in Mexico City, boards re-checked, through security and waiting for your plane, check out the First Class lounges. You can pay to get in if you didn’t fly first class, (around 40.00 dollars US) take a shower, use the internet, eat and drink and be merry. Well worth the money spent.

Step 5: Arrive in Hautulco

Once you arrive in Hautulco, you will walk outside the terminal after picking up your bags and someone will be waiting for you with your name on a sign. You will then be taken to Salina Cruz via taxi to either the beach, or Las Palmeras Surf Resort depending on the time of arrival.

Couple other hints

As stated above, you can pay for your boards online (or over the phone) with Aeromexico. It generally cheaper to do this. The current cost of surfboards on Aeromexico is $75.00 each way domestic and $150.00 international. More info here:

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