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First and foremost, David and his team were great. From the surf guides to kitchen and cleaning staff, everyone always had a smile and were ready to help you in any way they can. Local knowledge is key wherever you travel and Oaxaca is no exception.

David our guide was knowledgable, hospitable, and pretty hilarious! Finding good surf isn’t an exact science but David helped us find good waves every day. If the surf turned out to be bad, well, it was always an awesome adventure to get there.

Food was great for all meals. I’ll definitely be back next summer!

Greg Broderick

“Staying at Las Palmeras Surf Resort was epic! The vibes were all time as we would roll to all the pointbreaks each day. It’s a total fun factory and it’s perfect for all ages, boards and abilities. The pool was magic after the morning session to come back and hang out waiting for the evening jam session to get fired up! You know David and the boys will get you into the best spot for that day! Living the dream 100 percent! Stoked!”

Dane Gudauskas

Josh, Las Palmeras was a great surf experience. Thank you to David, Karla and yourself for your work in creating a professionally-operated and welcoming business. I want to particularly highlight the professionalism of all three guides: David, Oliver and Carlos. These guys were the last to leave and the first awake every day. Every day they cleaned the vehicles and re-provisioned them at night so that we wouldn’t waste potential surf time in the morning. They constantly monitored the forecast so we did not have to. They took care too assure we were on the best and least crowded waves possible. They erected substantial share structures on the beach and assured ample water and food. It was evident that they put their work first and which made sure that all the guests had to do was enjoy there surfing. Other surfers from other camps confided in me in the water that although Las Palmeras was more expensive than other camps, that after seeing the Las Palmeras beach setup and usually arriving to our better waves later than us, they all wish that they had booked with las Palmeras.


Las Palmeras Surf Resort

Hi Josh, we had such a fun time down there! We surfed the beach break in town almost every morning offshore with no one out. We surfed Conejo in the afternoons when the wind switched and had a lot of fun. Our guide took really good care of us. We got him to paddle out with us at the beach break and he got a couple good barrels. The food was ridiculously good. The whole trip was pretty much seamless. Thanks so much! We will definitely be back.

Thanks again, Travis and Tyler Payne

Travis and Tyler Payne

Hey Josh, Just wanted to pass a note along to say thanks and that I had an epic time down at Las Palmeras. I’ve traveled extensively over the past 6-7 years – Tahiti, Europe, Hawaii, Australia, Indo – and David and his crew are world class. Salina is truly paradise and honestly by the end of the trip I was trying to figure out how I could someday live down there!

Our guide made the trip for us – he was on point every day, always stoked, making everyone feel comfortable and got us to the best spot where everyone was catching waves. We scored Conejo one afternoon by ourselves – everyone else left when the wind flipped onshore and we waited it out until late afternoon and it glassed off. Couldn’t have been better. Can’t wait to go back down there.

Matt Raminick

Hey Josh,

I just wanted to let you know that Ben an I had a great time down at Las Palmeras. The whole crew was awesome. David and Karla were rad hosts and our guide Oliver was the best. Donald and Aaron were in our group and it was sick hanging with them. We cannot wait get down there again.

Jason and Ben Brantell

Ben Brantell Las Palmeras Surf Resort

Team O’Neill has had nothing but good experiences at Las Palmeras Surf Resort. The Resort is clean, food is great and the guides are amazing. The Las Palmeras staff always makes sure that you are comfortable, well fed and scoring the best waves in the region.

Shane Skelton
O’neill Marketing Manager / Team Manager

Shane Skelton Oneill Marketing Manager

Every time I go to Las Palmeras, David, Karla and the staff go out of their way to ensure we get the best waves around, they put us in the right spot at the right time with the right tide, wind while trying to avoid other camps and people. Not only do they provide us with a long day of surf, they treat us like family and provide insane grinds all day… I enjoy every trip to Las Palmeras! Can’t wait to go back.

Aaron Bierman | Bierman Hydrogeologic

Aaron Bierman Las Palmeras Surf Resort

“Staying with David and Karla is such a pleasure. I feel at home while im there, not to mention, great food, a safe, clean environment and many laughs. David is a local surf expert and will take you to the best waves. Leave your worries behind. Enjoy the ride with Las Palmeras! I wish i was there now!”

Jeff Cohen

Jeff Cohen Photographer

Hi Josh, we had another epic trip and just wanted to say thanks and let you know how good David ad Oliver were along with the amazing food and housekeeping. Felt very spoiled! We got great waves and I will be posting some good shots to the Facebook page soon as per David’s request. Can’t wait till next year!


Ryan and Connor Mateer

Ryan and Connor Mateer

“David Ramirez is the best tour guide ever! He gets you to the finest, most hidden secret spots and makes sure you score the best possible waves. To top it off, he’s also a very funny dude, entertains us with his witty sense of humor.”

Patrick Trefz, Photographer

Patrick Trefz Photographer

Dear Josh, David and Karla,
I just wanted to let you know that my son Elliot and I had one of the best surf trips we’ve ever been on. I have been to many surf camps all over the world and this one is by far the best. The guides really went out of their way to make our stay as easy as possible. To be honest your camp is one of the more expensive ones we have been to as most times we travel we have to watch our budget. Although we went over our normal budget for this trip, mainly because of our time frame, I feel like it was worth every cent. I would return to your camp in a heartbeat and we are already trying to plan our next trip back. Thanks again for a great experience.

Kind Regards from New Zealand
Jemarl Paerata

Jemarl Paerata

Dear Josh, David and Karla,
I wanted to extend my thank to you and your staff for making my trip a real good one. We scored great surf! We were lucky to have the time when the swell models looked good; it was a surgical strike, like your website touts. Not like the old days when we went somewhere and prayed there would be swell. Your guys were real accomodating, not too many people have seen a kneeboarder, but they said it looked like I was having fun. When it got smaller later in the week, I broke out my fun board and surfed. Good to work on the backhand being goofy! Your staff was great, food was killer – no montezuma’s revenge. Rooms were nice with the AC. Karla and David – super cool and spoke good English! Our driver, Jesus was a real hard working young man. He catered to our needs and was there to wake us up at 5:30am everyday and later in the day after our naps ready for the evening sessions. He even took us to Barra one day and we scored there too. I will definitely recommend this trip to my buddies!

Rob Sitton

Rob Sitton

“Best salsa verde ever!! No one knows what the points and sandbars are doing better than David, Josh and the crew. If you want to get barreled it’s a pretty good decision.”

Ian Walsh

Ian Walsh

“Las Palmeras has been a second home to me over the past fours years of my professional filmaking career. Never once in my life did I think I would ever want to go on a surf trip or see Mexico as a desired surf destination. However because of David, his family and the great people who work at Las Palmeras my opinion quickly changed. The food is amazing and you have all the comforts of home. The camp takes extremely good care of you and provides you with he best possible opportunity to score the waves of your life. I have stayed at the camp well over five different times and each time I leave I can’t wait to get a phone call to head back down there.”

Ryan Moss, Filmmaker

Ryan Moss

“Being down with David Ramirez and the boys was one of the best surf trips I’ve had in a while. They were right there when we needed anything!”

Taylor Knox

Taylor Knox

“SO STOKED ON MY TRIP!!! You guys were up at 5:45 every day taking us around to the spots, and I could not have been more stoked. We were on it, surfing all day for the five days I was down there. Thanks so much David and Karla for an awesome trip. I am coming back next year for sure!”

Zach Boon

Zach Boon

Las Palmeras Surf Resort trips are one of the best surf trips I have ever been on – even for a goofy footer like me! He worked hard to get us into the best waves/least crowds everyday and even went out of his way to film us on video a few times! My friend is back there now and I look forward to going back soon. David has the area dialed, plays an awesome host, has a relaxing place to stay, and a wonderful friends and family to hang with. Hope you all can check out Bob’s surf tours soon, you won’t be sorry!”

Occy Chu

Occy Chu

“David thanks so much for everything… The Las Palmeras Surf Trips they are best you can get. They really know there spots, they will provide with all the infra structure necessary for a successful surf trip, for me was like I started a new family!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again.”

Claudio Aquino, Block Brazil


“I’ve been on a lot of surf trips around the world, but NOTHING compared to my recent trip to Salina Cruz with David and the Salina Cruz surf camp crew. The waves are incredible, check the photos, endless perfection, perfect point after perfect point, the crew will get you to the best spot. The camp is awesome, you don’t need to worry about a thing, it’s all taken care of. The food is 5 star – authentic Mexican food prepared fresh for each meal. What are u waiting for?? Truely the best time ever.”

Pat Towersey, RVCA

Pat Towersey

“What can I say, I truthfully don’t want to say anything and keep this place private 🙂 The surf experience was amazing. We were surfed out after 5 days of being there. David is an amazing guy who is on top of it! Very dialed in to every secret spot there. First time I went anywhere with a guide. It was great, no worries about renting a car, getting lost etc… he wakes you up (almost too early 🙂 feeds you great food his wife makes, drives you everywhere, and waits till you can not surf another wave to drive you home to a warm shower and a great local home made meal. I don’t want to exploit the surf spots too much, so go and figure it out on your own. But if you like WARM water, sand bottom, hollow rights….enough said. (don’t worry about the swine flu, take universal precautions and CHARGE!) ~rez da surfdoc.



“David! Thanks again for making our Mexican surf mission a success!!! You, Karla, and the rest of your crew do an amazing job at making sure that we were always on the waves and keeping us fueled up with some authentic Mexican cuisine!! Thanks again for the good times and the barrel shot. See you as soon as i can!”

Jason Moller


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