Salina Cruz, Southern Oaxaca has a special wave for everyone. With a variety of spots to choose from and well over 20 quality waves in the area scattered between Huatulco and Salina Cruz, you will find conditions suitable for the beginning surfer all the way to the seasoned professional. ¡Vamos!

Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico

Is blessed with a mix of pointbreaks, jetty waves and beach breaks ranging from playful sand points throwing up chest high runners that peel for hundreds of yards, to mean, sand-sucking tubes that provide world class barrels. There is something for everyone here, from the novice who is looking to glide, to the traveling pro hunting perfect tubes.

Salina Cruz is famous for the sand points, but don’t forget about the uncrowded beach breaks in the area that pick up the slightest swells and work on North Winds, as well as the many jetty waves, and even the odd wedge or two. Due to constant exploration, we continue to uncover new spots to the north and south of town. If you like right hand points that peel for hundreds of yards, then Salina Cruz is one of the best spots on Earth to for you.

The surfing season for Southern Oaxaca begins in March, and can go all the way through November depending on the swell models. There are waves here year round, but south swell season is the best. Las Palmeras officially opens mid March, and closes around the 1st of November, but if something pops up on the radar, we have been known to accommodate a group or two.

Our guides

Our guides are local Mexican surfers who have been living and surfing in the area their entire life. They speak English, are friendly, and do their best to get you to where you want to surf. Click here to learn more about David Ramirez and the Las Palmeras staff as well as resident pro, Josh Mulcoy.

What to bring

Don’t forget that supplies are somewhat sparse in this area. To the north in places like Puerto Escondido, surf gear is plentiful, but once you are in Salina Cruz, you are not going to want to leave, so bring plenty of boardshorts, sunblock, leashes, extra fins, wax and rash guards. Sometimes a spring suit is helpful for early morning depending on your tolerance, but the water rarely drops below 78 degrees.

Depending on the size, direction and spot you are surfing, you can ride a range of boards, from a small wave fish, to a standard shortboard, and on the bigger days, a slight step-up board. Some waves are suitable for longboarding as well, and if you like to bodysurf, prepare for pocket rides for a hundred yards! For more specific information on what to bring, Check out our gear page for a breakdown from Josh Mulcoy.

For specifics on current conditions, contact Josh before you leave on your trip. He can dial you in on swell and wind forecasts, as well as advice on what boards to bring. Las Palmeras Surf Resort does have extra equipment in case of an emergency. Please contact Josh prior to your trip if you think you may need a board down there.

Check out our gallery of photos below, (click on the thumbnails) or go to our Blog to see current updates from Salina Cruz.