Josh Mulcoy Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico, Las Palmeras Surf Camp

Via Josh Mulcoy Instagram – taken from a recent trip to Las Palmeras Surf Camp:

Growing up my dad would take me surfing but never push me to do it just let me enjoy surfing for what it was. Reality last thing on my mind was I would ever make a dime doing it. He would teach me more about the weather and what makes the waves get good, this was before a website would tell you where to go. There are two things he did tell me that I will never forget and it was about the waves at the harbor. To this day when I catch a wave that resembles a harbor my dad’s voice pops into my mind. It’s seriously strange that you could be so focused and in the moment and my dad shows up in my mind like he is telling me how to navigate a tube. @surflaspalmeras frame grab @cypresscoastmedia