On Saturday May 11, 2019, we tragically lost our beloved friend Edy Zamudio at the young age of 53. We are all deeply heartbroken and in shock from his sudden passing. Edy was a proud, hard working Dad, a supportive husband, a spirited and talented surfer, but most of all, Edy was a genuine friend.

Before residing in Davenport, California, Edy grew up on the beautiful beaches of Mazatlan, Mexico, where at a young age he discovered surfing, and he became known locally as “Kalihua”. His surfing talent and passion quickly became apparent, and since the early 80’s he has served as a legendary surf icon, and was often called “El Campeon”, or “The Mexican Surf Champion”. With his love for reggae music, along with his warm attitude and long dreadlocks, he gained the nickname “Edy Marley”.

Edy was a gifted cook, and he was famous amongst his family and friends for his “shrimp ceviche” and “spicy salsa”, along with his BBQ chicken and pancake breakfasts. Needless to say, anything he cooked was yummy.

Edy was a pillar of Davenport and Santa Cruz, CA. He was loved and adored by everyone. He worked as a humble and talented carpenter for 35 years. Edy always made sure to support his wife and children, as well as his elderly Mother in Mazatlan. Edy made everyone feel welcome wherever he went. He would always lend a helping hand or feed a hungry mouth. Edy always had others in mind, but most of all, he would leave you with a smile on your face and a warm embrace.

Edy’s sudden passing has left his family in devastation and financial hardship. Let’s all come together and help out so Edy can ride his Eternal Wave!