August 2017 Clips by David

Couple of clips from August 2017 filmed by David Ramirez. Surfing By Tyrone Brendel and Dan D. Who’s ready for some warm water this 2018! Let’s go. Las Palmeras Surf Camp, Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico.


Salina Cruz Las Palmeras Trip 2017

From late August 2017 in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico at Las Palmeras Surf Camp. Thanks for sharing the video from your trip!

Las Palmeras surf trip summer of 2017. I apologize about the bad music, editing and filming. First time using this Mavic Pro. Mahalo to everyone at the camp and in the water that made this trip incredible! Sorry missed the good days on film, the surf was a distracting factor for busting out the drone.


Save Your Breath – By Matt Pagan

I went down to mainland Mexico a couple months back and spent a few days down there filming with my brother, Mike. We saw some swell on the forecast, called up Las Palmeras and jumped on a plane.

We got some super fun waves and even saw Tom Curren down there covered head to toe in clothes (to avoid getting burnt) riding a boogie board. He was ripping to say the least…


Save the Whales!

Cinematography: Mike Pagan (@mike_pagan)
Creative Influence: Kevin Jansen (@robotsfrom)
Edit: Matt Pagan