Las Palmeras Surf Camp’s new facilities are located right on the on the beach at Playa Brasil, outside of Salina Cruz, Oaxaca.

Situated between the world class points of Punta Conejo and Punta Chivo, come enjoy the new ocean views from the swimming pool and find yourself minutes away from either point.

Our resort for the 2021 season

Las Palmeras Surf camp’s new beach-front resort has rooms with views overlooking the beach at Playa Brasil. Our new camp has three beautiful cabañas, each one with two separate rooms, and space for up to 3 people per room. Each room has queen sized beds, private bathroom with on demand hot water, A/C, WiFi and Google Chrome built into each television. The cabañas have their own private garden area where you can relax, stretch, or practice yoga beneath the shade of the native Brasil Trees. The cabañas have their own terraces with ocean views where you can watch the waves out front and listen to the ocean from your hammock.

We also have a new restaurant where you will be enjoying the delicious meals we are famous for. The restaurant is beneath a large palapa with a shaded terrace and bar where you can enjoy your favorite beverage, watch television, or battle it out on the ping pong table. We will still have amenities such as ice cream, snacks and alcohol available at the camp for sale if you so desire.

If you want to swim, or just relax in the water after you surf, you will be able to do so in our swimming pool situated directly in front of the ocean. The pool also has a small area specifically designed for young children where they can enjoy a safe and shallow zone to splash, swim and play in.

There are also yoga matts, foam rollers, guitars if you want to play some music, and books to read. We have surf videos, Netflix, cable TV and other movies if you want to watch the television to unwind. In your air-conditioned room, you will be provided with fresh towels, clean sheets, soap and lotion daily. The rooms will be cleaned every day while you are surfing. The new resort has an amazing view the ocean, where you can watch the sun set over Punta Chivo to the west and enjoy the ocean breeze.

Las Palmeras Surf Camp can accommodate up to 18 people divided into groups of 4 or 5 to match up with our 4wd vehicles. We do our best to put groups together in the same rooms. If you are traveling alone, we will try our best to get you a private room depending on space, but you most likely will share a room with one other person. Please let us know upon booking if you have special needs for sleeping, eating and surfing.

Las Palmeras Surf Camp looks forward to seeing all of our past clients this year, and hope that our new resort will bring more families down to visit Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Note on pricing: Children under 4 years old are free, and children between 4 and 11 are 50% off the normal price. To see pricing options please click here:

Where is Las Palmeras Surf Camp?

Las Palmeras Surf Camp is located at Playa Brasil, just a few minutes outside the port town of Salina Cruz, approximately 2.5 hours south of Huatulco, Oaxaca, where your plane will land. Huatulco is located in the central (coastal) part of Oaxaca, approximately 4 hours south of Puerto Escondido and about a 1.5 hour flight from Mexico City. Our new resort is located on the beach at Playa Brasil nestled in between two world class points.


At Las Palmeras Surf Camp, three meals are provided a day. We offer a variety of food ranging from traditional meals served in Oaxaca, to meals more commonly served in the United States. We do offer vegetarian meals, just let us know before you book your trip if possible! (please let us know food preferences when booking your trip) We are very proud of the quality of food we provide, and will do our best to meet every one of your needs.

Bottled water, soft drinks and juice are provided at meals. Alcohol is considered extra. We have a variety of snacks that we bring when we go surfing, including bottled water, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, tuna sandwiches and granola bars.

For more information on meals provided, please click here:

Las Palmeras Surf Camp

Has experienced guides and a staff with extended knowledge of weather and surf conditions on the coast of Southern Oaxaca. We are also trained in CPR in the case of an emergency.

Surfing sessions depend on guests preference. We can leave at the crack of dawn, or gear later tours to those who like to sleep in. We do ask that you be flexible if you are in a smaller group. Please let us know your preference of surfing times. We try and maximize your quality surf time around the tides and wind, so very often getting up early is a must! If you want to sleep in, please let us know in advance.

We have 4WD vehicles to take you to the beach. Many of the spots require extensive driving on sand, so 4WD is a necessity. We try and have a maximum of 5 people in each vehicle, so ideally groups of 4-5 people are guaranteed their own car.

All of our points are rights breaking over sand and scattered rocks, but if you are dying to go left and the wind is correct, we can take you to the beachbreaks outside of town, or try the beachbreak below the old Las Palmeras house. Once again, please let us know your preference in wave type (we have many…) and desire and capacity to surf. For more information on reservations and travel, please visit our reservations page.

Come visit!

We look forward to your stay with us in Salina Cruz! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions concerning your visit.

NOTE: Check in / Check out time at Las Palmeras Surf Camp is 2:00 PM