You come to Salina Cruz to surf, but the activities that are available are not only limited to the waves! Go for day trips to the ruins, visit Tehuantepec, Juchitan or Oaxaca City, hike to the waterfalls, or maybe a fishing adventure on the ocean. Enjoy our new swimming pool. Oaxaca offers many things to do in case its flat…

Why come to Salina Cruz?

People come to Salina Cruz to surf sand-bottom pointbreaks and get the best waves of their lives. Chances are you will score, but in the down time we do offer other activities in and around Salina Cruz if the surf is not cooperating. Swim in our new pool, go for day hikes up to the secret water fall and swimming hole to cleanse off the salt water, take a panga out for world-class fishing in the Pacific Ocean, or go explore the uncharted coast for new zones to surf and beaches to comb.

Don’t forget that Oaxaca is home to the proudest people in all of Mexico! The Oaxacans have some of the strongest and oldest culture in the world, still speaking dialects that originated from their ancestors hundreds and hundreds of years prior to the arrival of the Spaniards. Take an afternoon to checkout the local scene in Juchitan or Tehuantepec where you can see amazing Mexican artisania and experience local culture. If you are lucky you may find your self dancing in one of Oaxaca’s famous festivals that happen each year.

Oaxaca City is 4 hours from Salina Cruz, where you will find one of Mexico’s most beautiful cities, as well as the amazing ruins of Monte Albán which is one of Central Mexico’s greatest tourist attractions. The ruin complex is situated on a high, man-made plateau with a breathtaking view. The land is very dry, giving the ruins a sun-baked, haunted look. The complex is large, so if you’re going to visit, be sure to dedicate at least two hours to do so.

We now offer massages

Please inquire with Karla or David about reserving your massage while you are at Las Palmeras Surf Resort. Our local masseuse offers deep tissue massage for $400.00 pesos (roughly $30.00 US Dollars).

Fishing and boat tripping!

Salina Cruz, Oaxaca is home to some world-class fishing. Many of our clients enjoy this option for a half day adventure. Hire a boat for the day (or half day) and catch dinner. We have plenty of fishing equipment, so if you don’t want to bring your own, that is totally fine. Want to go fish, surf and explore? Let David know your desires to explore the regions of Salina Cruz via a Panga Boat and we can make it happen. Check out this little video of Alesandro catching his first fish.

Please let us know your interests when you make your reservation. If you would like to fish during your stay at Las Palmeras Surf Resort, give us the heads up and we will make arrangements to have one of our local guides take you out to their favorite places to fish.