David Ramirez, Head Surf Guide

Hello, my name is David Ramirez. I am born and raised in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, and I feel very fortunate to have a life surrounded by waves, family and friends, and am truly grateful for what that this amazing place called Salina Cruz has given me. I have been working as a surf guide since 1992 and this work that I do is something that I sincerely enjoy, especially the people I meet and friends I make each surfing season here in Mexico.

I am raising my family in Salina Cruz and look forward surfing with my two sons here for a long time. Every year my family makes new friends with the people who come and stay with us, and I look forward to 2021 being no different.

All the staff at Las Palmeras Surf Resort will take care of you like family. Our goal is to make you feel more like a friend rather than a client. I am Looking forward to your visit!

David Ramirez

David Ramirez head surf guide and owner of Las Palmeras Surf Resort Salina Cruz

Karla Gutierrez, Manager

Hello, my name is Karla. I was born in Tehuantepec, Oaxaca which is a small village near Salina Cruz. I have been working with visiting surfers who come to surf the amazing waves of Salina Cruz for the past 16 years. I love everything related to tourism, as well as cooking and dancing and raising my two sons, Dylan and Zion.

If you want to try and learn something else aside from surfing during your stay here at Las Palmeras Surf Resort, I would love to help you learn how to dance or cook! I am Looking forward to making new friends in 2021 and enjoying our new resort on the beach at Playa Brasil.

David, myself, my two sons and all the staff from Las Palmeras Surf Resort are waiting for you, and the waves as well. I hope to see you soon!

Karla Gutierrez

Karla Gutierrez owner and partner at Las Palmeras Surf Resort Salina Cruz

Josh Mulcoy, Resident Pro

I have been traveling the world for the last 25+ years. It has been my passion to search out the best waves in obscure regions. I have dealt with many different travel agents, ticket agents and surf camps. I have gained a ton of knowledge from all of this, and am putting all my knowledge into helping our clients in their travels to be as easiest and most affordable as possible. I have been traveling to the Salina Cruz area for the last 18 years, going several times a year, and truly, there is no place I would rather be when the conditions are right.

The Salina Cruz area has something for everyone. There are a great variety of waves, from a complete beginner learning to surf to someone who is serious about getting long tubes. One of the best attributes of the area is the array of points. As you move up the coast, the points get hollower and more powerful. There are also a fun beach breaks in the area, and due to constant exploration, we are finding new spots to the north and south. If you like right hand sand-bottomed points that peel for hundreds of yards this area is for you.

Josh Mulcoy

Josh Mulcoy Professional surfer and partner at Las Palmeras Surf Resort Salina Cruz