5 09, 2017

September Strike Mission Alert

Swells are lining up big time for September

Looking at the models, the start of September could be very interesting. Right now there are 3 solid swells showing up on the WAM with a possible XL swell around the 15th of September.

Wind looks light and variable at the moment with best window starting the 10th of September, and really clean on the 12th and 13th.

These series of swells are South / Southwest and will fill in well for the points in and around Salina Cruz.

Low tides are in the middle of the day starting on the 8th and working back to early mornings by the 15th of September.

Schools back in session, crowds are thin, sand is still good, might be a good window to make a move! Get in touch with us if you want to come down and enjoy Mexico in September. Our independence day is the 15th! Come celebrate El Grito con nosotros!

Email Josh for package discounts as well. We are currently offering 10% off for groups of 1 and 2 people and 15% off for groups of 3 or more.

Packages for September:

5 day package for 1 – 2 surfers: $950.00 (US Dollars)  per person
7 day package for 1 – 2 surfers:: $1350.00 (US Dollars)  per person

5 day package for 3+ people would be: $865.00 (US Dollars)  per person
7 day package for 3+ people would be: $1160.00 (US Dolars)  per person

5 day package for 6+ people would be: $825.00 (US Dollars)  per person
7 day package for 6+ people would be: $1095.00 (US Dollars)  per person

Let’s Go!

For more information on reports or pricing please contact Josh Mulcoy


Oldie but goodie – Josh Mulcoy Innersection 2012

1 09, 2017

September First 2017

September begins with waves! Looks like a lot of lows creeping up for the southern hemisphere for the beginning of the month. Possible large swell right around the 10th of September.

25 08, 2017

Sand Bottom Sundays – Surgical Strike August

Swell forecast for this weekend and through next week (8/26-9/1) is looking really promising!

Las Palmeras Surgical Strike Salina Cruz

Forecast is calling for a solid South / Southwest swell (182°) with heights and intervals from 4 to 7 feet at 18 seconds building through Tuesday and slowly coming back down Wednesday through Friday. Wind forecast looks decent at this point with variable winds mostly South to Southwest. The angle looks great and the sand is still good, so if you are looking for a last minute run to Mexico before school starts, this might be a good opportunity. Let’s go!

22 08, 2017

September Sessions – 10% Discount Las Palmeras

September Sessions Promo – 10% OFF

What a summer we have had! – Back to back to back swells, clean conditions, good sand and epic times here in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca at Las Palmeras Surf Camp.

We are offering a promotion for the month of September:

Book now and get a 10% discount off of the normal price for you and your group. Let’s Go!

Current forecast looks good as well roll out of August and into September. Sand bars are set up at the points still. The last swell pattern due to the direction actually brought sand back.

We currently have space for your group so if you are interested in booking a strike mission or a planned trip get in touch with Josh and he can help you assess conditions, flights and other variables and book your trip.

16 08, 2017

August Swell in Salina Cruz Part 2

Good Crew at Las Palmeras Surf Camp

Here are some more photos from that last run of swell we have had. Great crew, great vibes, good times! We are super happy when our clients score a good swell and everyone gets the good waves they dream of. Hope to see everyone back next year!

All photos by Carlos Toledo Gonzalez | Copyright 2017