18 10, 2017

October Sessions Scotty Schindler

Scotty Schindler was ripping! Thanks for the visit to Las Palmeras Surf Camp in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico. Still firing in October! All Photos by David Ramirez.

10 10, 2017

Windows of Opportunity

Late season swells! We had an epic day recently here in Salina Cruz. The wind switched and went offshore just when the tide got low enough creating some good hollow sections. October is the new Prime Time? Las Palmeras Surf Camp, Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico! Let’s go… All photos by David Ramirez

9 10, 2017

October 9th 2017

Today via Don David Ramirez… Lucky Rabbit’s Foot still doing it. Who want’s to come down? More swell is on the way. Sand points in October? Let’s go!

9 10, 2017

October Missions

Here are a few photos from our friends who came down for a quick strike a few weeks ago. Las Palmeras Surf Camp in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico!

3 10, 2017

Beachbreak Salina Cruz

Seems like every September the heavy beachbreak in town starts to go off. Sand seems to align late season and halfway down the beach it gets pretty darn good. Not for the faint hearted though… Salina Cruz a frames!

3 10, 2017

From the Archives

Cleaning out the old emails last night found some cool photos from the past. Here are a few from Las Palmeras Surf Camp, Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico! Anyone coming down this month? Waves starting tomorrow hopefully, come down.

2 10, 2017

October Discounts – From $150 (US) per day!

Swells are lining up again in the South Pacific for October!

Looking at the models, October is looking like the new prime time for south swells.

The WAM shows decent sized south swells starting at the end of the week with possible good waves for Saturday with a wind shift from North to Southwest (offshore). There are multiple lows out in the South Pacific and it looks like decent sized surf for Mexico for the next few weeks.

First swell is forecasted to be starting around Wednesday with buoys at 3ft 20 seconds. This swell peaks Friday the 6th with bouys at 5ft 19 seconds. Swell drops into the weekend with more activity and better wind starting Saturday / Sunday 7th and 8th of October.

Low tides are in the mornings right now, with the lowest tides this weekend around 10am.

Schools back in session, crowds are mellow, sand is still hanging in there. This is good window to make a move!

Get in touch with us if you want to come down and enjoy Mexico this October.

Packages for October

1 surfer: $165.00 (US Dollars)  per person
2 surfers + $150.00 (US Dollars)  per person

Let’s Go!

For more information on reports, flights and pricing please contact Josh Mulcoy